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In tourist destinations transient visitors rely on their concierge and people they meet while on vacation as well as online reviews from Tripadvisor and Yelp for recommendations, opinions, suggestions, and reviews. Whether it is a place to eat and drink or an activity they’re interested in. TravelBuddy fills the void between word of mouth and online applications to deliver an honest depiction of a business providing pictures, discounts, and highlights to make the best impression on a user while on vacation.

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User Experience.

TravelBuddy will optimize your limited time on vacation. Stay in the vacation mindset and have local businesses provide pictures and or discounts to highlight why they want your business. Available on a scroll screen the user will have options for dinner, activities, and nightlife based on their interests and preferences. 

Business Benefits.

TravelBuddy will provide businesses their own sales force and exclusive access to transient travelers, Direct marketing to the user while the business dictates what the user is seeing. Compared to online applications where businesses are susceptible to the user and may have negative reviews of their business.

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